Intermediate Obedience

Intermediate Obedience Class
$120.00 /6 Week Course
  • Dogs must have completed a Beginner Obedience class at The Canine Connection or pass an proficiency evaluation conducted by one of our training professionals.
  • Current on all vaccinations including Bordetella
  • Class size is limited. Tuition must be paid in advance in order to guarantee a spot in class.

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Few people enter obedience training with any concept of how much fun they’re about to have, or how deeply they’re about to bond with their dog. These two incredibly powerful side effects of

Beginner Obedience compel many students to take training one step further.

Intermediate Obedience bridges the gap between just getting started and getting serious about obedience training. This class helps you polish the skills you learned in Beginner class, introduces you to off-leash training, using hand signals, and prepares you for more advanced training. Intermediate class is where the serious fun begins!

The six-week course meets once a week for one hour and fifteen minutes.

Training FAQ

My dog already knows how to sit, lie down, and all that. Can I just go straight into the intermediate class?

We use the clicker training method in our classes, and all classes are taught on that foundation. For that reason, in our experience, dogs who have been home-trained or attended classes elsewhere have a very difficult time "catching up" in our intermediate class. We believe you, your dog, and your training goals will be best served by attending our beginner class first. Feel free to call us at 479.444.0300 for further discussion on this issue.


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